The wonderful folks from Drake Cooper reached out to ask if I could create some new 3D renderings of a few different-sized fountain drink cups. I was tasked with taking existing photo references along with some blueprint measurements to model, texture, light, and render a few angles of the product in different states. DC provided the label designs.
This was a very new and fun opportunity to push my abilities as well as test out the speed and horsepower of my workstation. The bubbles, in this instance, called for a heavy load on my machine. I definitely picked up a few tips and tricks to speed up my workflow. Rendering also became taxing because of the unbiased renderer I used for this project to get the photorealistic results. There were some minor color touch-ups to get the label just right.
In the end, the client was thrilled with the results which in turn led to some additional asks.

Product render used in OOH Advertising

Product render used across web & social channels 

Client: Extra Mile
Agency: Drake Cooper
3D: Ryan Jacobson
Executive Producer: Stephani Norell
Director: Carmen Koda
Account Supervisor: Nicole Noble
Producer: Cassie Bergman
***Apologies, if I did not include credit where due, please contact me so I may include you. Thank you!