The fine folks from Drake Cooper asked if I could create some food renderings for their client Blue Diamond, who planned on updating images of their existing flavors and some new ones. Initially, this was a great opportunity for me to try out some photogrammetry and I was able to do some initial tests. Ultimately we decided to run with a pre-made scanned model of an almond which did help same time. My other task was to take the purchased model with its scanned texture and create some new textures to match the look of the almonds to their respective flavors. This is where I spent a good amount of time getting the distribution of the specs of flavors like the tiny salt, spices, and the color of texture. Lastly, I positioned several almonds and the flavors like they were falling then rendered over alpha for the client to add to their website.
This was a fun and challenging project as I've never really worked with realistic foods before. In the end, I think it turned out great and the client was super happy with it.

Insitu on the Blue Diamond website

3D rendered almonds in images in various Blue Diamond Almond flavors

Most of the various 3D-rendered almonds and their respective flavors. 14 different Flavors in total.

Behind the scenes look at one of the flavors and the process it took to match the almond to the flavor

Client: Blue Diamond
Agency: Drake Cooper
3D: Ryan Jacobson
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